Hi and Welcome to the home page where you can meet Africa.

  As you can see, I'm under construction.  Please come back in time to visit the wonders of my continent. I hope to let you all see the beautiful sites and sounds and specially the country I was born in (South Africa)

My name is Gerrit Bezuidenhout and I need input from everyone to make this site as interesting as possible. So please join my MailingList as well to get updated whenever this site gets changed and I have an idea of getting a Travel Club started where people rather visit online friends who were introduced through this site than spending LOTS of money to see only what the Travel Agencies wants us to see. We will be able to meet the REAL people of a country and still see the interesting places. Please e-mail me and tell me what you think of the idea and if you would like to be the contact person in your country to help me with organizing this. Hope to hear from you soon!

To see what the visitors think about our beautiful country or other countries in Africa please click here to go to the next page where you can select a country for more information

I always wanted to start a ICQ list of all South Africans interested in joining and I finally took up the courage to start one! I know it will be a lot of work but with you guys helping me it will be a lot easier! So Please give me al the help you can as well as giving me tips to enhance these pages! Thank you!

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